The songs on Florizona are sparse in the manner of Raymond Carver short stories, unspoken ellipses like makeshift sutures holding their insides intact. The personas Walter Salas-Humara employs tease at autobiography, which merely creates intermediate levels of narrative. And like the best who’ve come before him -- Lou Reed, Bob Dylan or whoever you'd care to insert here -- his songs and albums function best as installments of a single continuous body of work, much as the details of “Sister Ray” or “Heroin” spill over into Coney Island Baby or Street Hassle, or “Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands” circles around to Desire. Florizona continues in that fine and honorable tradition.

Walter Salas-Humara and the moveable feast of Silos belong in the company of those musicians whose work partakes as heavily of the literary tradition as it does of harmony and rhythm: Lucinda Williams, carrying on the family business from her poet-laureate father Miller Williams; Alejandro Escovedo, as likely to be found these days in theatrical venues as on a concert tour; slumming poets like David Berman of Silver Jews or Stephen Malkmus of Pavement; sweeping historical Pointillists like the Decemberists; or novelist Jonathan Lethem, with whom Salas-Humara has released one album’s worth of songs and spoken-word material under the name I’m Not Jim and is finishing a second.

First release: March 2011 Sonic Pyramid.

Produced by Rod Hohl and The Silos. Recorded by Don Piper, The Silos, and The Silos Family. Mixed by Mario McNulty. Mastered by Dave McNair.

The Silos: Rod Hohl - Bass, Guitar, Dobro, Lap Steel, and Supporting Voice. Bruce Martin - Keyboards. Konrad Meissner - Drums, Percussion, and Supporting Voice. Walter Salas-Humara - Voice and Guitar. Jason Victor - Guitar

The Silos Family: Amy Allison - Voice on "Coming From The Grave", "Hold You In My Arms", "Teenage Prayer" and "White Vinyl". Michelle Anthony - Keyboards on "Coming From The Grave", "Election Day", "Gravity", "Hold You In My Arms" and "The Ring Of Trees", Supporting Voice on "Teenage Prayer", Siren on "Hold You In My Arms". Sam Bisbee - Mellotron and Supporting Voice on "Election Day". Randy Franklin - Mandolin on "Getting Trashed" and "Hold You In My Arms". Mike Hoffmann - Guitar on "Getting Trashed", Glockenspiel on "White Vinyl". Steve McAllister - Supporting Voice on "Getting Trashed" and "Teenage Prayer". Jeff Muendel - Organ on "Coming From The Grave", "Election Day", "Getting Trashed", "Hold You In My Arms", "The Ring Of Trees" and "Teenage Prayer". Charlie Salas-Humara - Cello on "The Ring Of Trees". Gary Sunshine - Guitar on "You Never Lost The Sunshine". Whit Williams - Guitar on "Hold You In My Arms" and "Teenage Prayer". Dan Wilson - Guitar on "Hold You In My Arms".

Cover Photos by John Eder. Band Photo by Delissa Santos. Drew Photo by Debbie Williams. Package Design by Sheila Sachs.

This album is dedicated to the amazing life, extraordinary times, and everlasting memory of Drew Glackin.


I'm Not Jim

Meeting at a Silos gig in New Orleans, and bound by mutual admiration for the other's craft and life's work, acclaimed novelist Jonathan Lethem and genre-bending bandleader Walter Salas-Humara of the Silos set out to pen some songs together. Within two inspired days, they had crafted an entire album's worth of material. They then doubled their collective, by enlisting the musicianship and production prowess of the Elegant Too, who took the rudiments of each song and enveloped them within a completely new musical and sonic context. The results are staggering. This is an unprecedented artistic collaboration between a renowned author, a great American songwriter, and acclaimed, ground breaking musicians.

Jonathan Lethem is the best-selling author of seven novels, including You Don't Love Me Yet, Motherless Brooklyn, and Fortress of Solitude. Walter Salas-Humara is the stalwart leader of the Silos, the critically-acclaimed progenitors of the roots rock and Americana movements. The Elegant Too are the music production team of Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez, who have handled remixes for P-Diddy and the Lox, and have produced such noteworthy artists as Yoko Ono, Ray Davies, John Cale, They Might Be Giants, and Blues Explosion.

First release: September 2008 Bloodshot Records.

Produced by Rod Hohl and The Silos. Recorded by Don Piper, The Silos, and The Silos Family. Mixed by Mario McNulty Mastered by Dave McNair

I'm Not Jim is Jonathan Lethem and Walter Salas-Humara with Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez. Additional Musicians: Mike DuClos, and Danny McGough.

Cover Art: Kent Matricardi. Cover Design: Sheila Sachs.


Come On Like the Fast Lane

Come On Like The Fast Lane buzzes with rock energy reminiscent of the proto-punk lower East Side legends like The Velvet Underground and Television, punched up with pop melodies that resuscitates a sound that never went out of style. The songs on Come On Like The Fast Lane play out like minimalist short stories framed by the spacious, guitar-heavy arrangements the band is known for.

First release: April 2006 Blue Rose Records, Germany. US Release: February 2007 Bloodshot Records.

Produced by The Silos. Recorded by Mario J McNulty at Looking Glass. Mixed by Dave McNair at Walnut Crescent. Recording Assistant: Rob Demar. Bonus tracks recorded by Don Piper at Between The Trains and Mixed by Rod Hohl at Harmony. Mastered by Andy Horn at The Red Room and Dave McNair at Unity Mastering NYC.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Drew Glackin, Konrad Meissner, and Rod Hohl.

Cover Art: Chris Kelly. Cover Design: Sheila Sachs.


This Highway is a Circle (live CD/DVD)

Finally, a Live CD and DVD available to Silos fans! This is a hi-fidelity multi-track recording from their 2006 European tour with many new songs and lots of classics from your favorite rock trio. See and hear Walter, Drew and Konrad in an intimate setting working their asses off. The CD features 15 songs; the companion DVD includes the entire 105 minute show of 22 songs, and the packaging is as gorgeous as the music and video.

First release December, 2006 Blue Rose Records, Germany.

Recorded live at the Red River Saloon in Heilbronn, Germany on April 20, 2006.  Mixed and Mastered by Andy Horn at The Red Room, Berolzheim, Germany.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Drew Glackin, and Konrad Meissner.

Cover Art and Design: Jurgen Peschel.

When the Telephone Rings

Most great bands evolve and change, building up and tearing down their sound. The Silos have a history. This album is both a departure from the purely stripped down trio recordings of late and a return to the richly textured intricacies of albums such as "Cuba." We find an incredible cast of characters buoying the key components of Walter Salas-Humara, Drew Glackin and Konrad Meissner. The trio’s still working, and the support staff is back: Mary Rowell, Amy Allison, Richard Lloyd, Dave Boyle, Mary Lee Kortes, Dennis Cronin, Don Piper, and Paul Wallfisch. The sound of the album, then, is immediately familiar. These are the Silos you remember. You know it from the first song’s downbeat, and by the chorus you realize: a good friend has come home to visit.

First Release: September 2004 Dualtone Music Group.

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara. Mixed by Dave McNair at Jarvis. Mastered by Ray Kennedy at Zen Masters. Recorded at Studio Double You, Joe Blaney’s, Between The Trains, The Boyler Room, Jarvis, Steve McCormick’s and Dave Bassett’s.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Drew Glackin and Konrad Meissner with Richard Lloyd, Amy Allison, Mary Rowell, Tom Freund, David Boyle, Mary Lee Kortes, Bruce Martin, Dennis Cronin, Jason Victor, Dave Bassett, Don Piper, Dave McNair and Paul Wallfisch

Cover Photo: Delissa Santos. Cover Design: Tanya Hotton.


Laser Beam Next Door

During two years of extensive touring The Silos created the songs from Laser Beam Next Door. Roadtesting them with audiences, editing and rewriting, the band reduced them to their essence and eschewed all but the core emotional sequences. The band distilled itself to a trio with each member expanding his own repertoire of musical talents while restricting himself to using these talents in service of the lean, mean musical machine The Silos have become. Laser Beam is a "HUGELY ROCKING" album that still maintains The Silos penchant for deep grooves and melodies you find yourself humming throughout the day.

First Release: March 2001 Checkered Past Records. Re-release: April 2004 Sonic Pyramid.

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara. Mixed by Dave McNair at Cowboy Technical Services and Nebulous. Mastered by Jim Wilson at Yes Mastering. Recorded at Dubway, Nebulous, Albert Hall, Hideaway and Big Sky

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Drew Glackin and Konrad Meissner with Arthur Luckower, Marc Benning, Shawn Barton and Anne Tache

Cover Art and Design: Ted Jenkins.



Woozy is the brainchild of songwriters Walter Salas-Humara and Dave Bassett. Smashing together multiple instrumentation, styles of music, and production, they create a sound that is at once familiar and thoroughly modern.

First release: April 1999 Last Call Records, France.

Produced and Recorded by Dave Bassett and Walter Salas-Humara at Chateau Relaxeau.

Musicians: Dave Bassett and Walter Salas-Humara.

Cover Art and Design: Tanya Hotton.


Remix album featuring songs from Heater and several music tracks from the Jim Fealy film "I'm Not Jim".

First release: November 1998 Normal Records, Germany.

Remixes by The Elegant Too, Rick Butler, and Ryan Hedgecock. Film music by Walter Salas-Humara.

Cover Art: Rick Butler. Cover Design: Olaf Meyer


It has brooders. It has sonic landscapes mixed with guitar drone and hard back beats. It has stories of life after heartbreak, life after prison, and life after death. The casual greatness of Heater coasts nonchalantly to the shore on the froth of the latest art/roots wave like Boticelli’s Venus, only leaner and tanner. It soaks up successive waves of contemporary culture and grows like a sponge. Heater secures The Silos preeminence over the pretenders who’ve been bobbing in their wake since Cuba.

First Release: September 1998 Checkered Past Records. Re-release: September 2002 Sonic Pyramid.

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara. Mixed by Dave McNair at Chateau Relaxeau. Mastered by Dave McNair at Cedar Creek. Recorded at Studio Double You and Chateau Relaxeau.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara and Gary Sunshine with Daren Hess, Dave McNair, Chuck Prophet, Mary Rowell, Amy Allison, Dave Bassett, Walt Vincent, Al Wolovich, Phil Tagliere, Sanford Stein, Allison Silver and Erin Williams

Cover Art: Ignacio Salas-Humara. Cover Design: Terry Durbin.


Susan Across the Ocean

Recorded and mixed start to finish in 18 days by a band who had tested the material for months before live audiences, this is the 1993 Silos in all their glory. Mary Rowell had returned on violin and Manuel Verzosa added his effervescent personality, gorgeous voice and dogged work ethic to leader Walter Salas-Humara’s thoughtful songwriting and world weary pipes. This album burns with the hard won integrity of experienced musicians lurching forward through a blinding epiphany of new found purpose and is highlighted by the drop-dead beautiful title cut and bone-crunching rock workouts like Let's Take Some Drugs and Drive Around. And if the original songs weren't enough, the band shows it's impeccable taste by covering songs by Lucinda Williams and Jonathan Richman.

First Release: March 1994 Watermelon Records. Re-release: April 2003 Sonic Pyramid.

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara. Mixed by Dave McNair at Doug Messenger's and Chateau Relaxeau. Recorded by Sally Browder at Doug Messenger's and Control Center and Dave Bassett at Chateau Relaxeau. Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Mary Rowell, Manuel Verzosa, Daren Hess, Scott Garber and Tom Freund with Joe Simon, Jon Dee Graham, Michael Ward, Greg Asfar, Kevin Salem, Dave McNair, Lisa Mednick, Jeff Muendel, John McKnight and Caitlin Von Schmidt.

Cover Photo: John Eder. Cover Design: Tanya Hotton.


The Setters

They were never supposed to be a band. Michael Hall had attended the Berlin Independence Days Festival and wanted to return the following year, but the festival had a rule against performers playing two years in a row. In a desperate phone call to the Festival booker, he insisted he had a new band with his friends Alejandro Escovedo and Walter Salas-Humara. The booker liked the idea and asked what was the name of this new band. Michael mouthed the first two words that came into his mind, "The Setters". Upon hanging up with Berlin, Michael called his two buddies and asked if they wanted a free ticket to Germany. The concert that resulted earned the trio a record deal with the German indy label Blue Million Miles, and a producer in Gurf Morlix. The recording that resulted is raw and stripped down, with Walter using boxes and random household items for drums, and the sessions were mostly in a barn at Loma Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas with the guitar amps outside in the open air.

First Release: September 1993 Blue Million Miles Records, Germany.

Produced by Gurf Morlix. Mixed by Gurf Morlix and John Hill at Loma Ranch. Recorded by John Hill and Ben Blank at Loma Ranch and Ben Blank Audio

Musicians: Michael Hall, Alejandro Escovedo, Walter Salas-Humara, Scott Garber, Lisa Mednick and Gurf Morlix.

Cover Art: Eric Jackson. Cover Design: Jessie Jones.

Lean - Live at The Cactus Cafe in Austin TX

On April 23, 1993, a wonderful night of music and song was witnessed by a appreciative crowd at one of the United States premier acoustic venues . Now you can experience it too. This recording contains some of Walter's best material performed with intimacy and power by some of Austin's finest musicians alongside Walter and Manny.

First Release: 1993 Return to Sender (Normal Records Mail Order).

Recorded by Walter Morgan for KUTFM, University of Texas.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Manuel Verzosa, Richard Brotherton, Scott Garber, Kris McKay, and Ignacio Salas-Humara.

Cover Photo: Tom Freund. Cover Design: Olaf Meyer.

Hasta La Victoria

Hasta La Victoria was written in a bay window in Hoboken looking across the Hudson at the piers and skyscrapers of Manhattan, during a voyage across the country that included bat sightings in Texas as well as blackjack in Vegas, and finally in a small office on Hollywood Boulevard looking across an alley at a mural of Bogey, Bette, Marilyn and Gable. It spans broken marriages, lousy love affairs, futile attempts at auto body repair, the LA Riots, the LA Smog, the LA Transvestites on Santa Monica Boulevard, and fuses the Atlantic and Pacific into the next musical horizon.

First Release: March 1992 Normal Records, Germany. US Release: March 1994 Watermelon Records. Re-release: April 2003 Sonic Pyramid.

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara. Mixed by Barry Rudolph, Dave McNair, Huey Dee, Dave Bassett and Walter Salas-Humara. Recorded by Mike Fennel, Barry Rudolph, John Rosenberg, Jamie Prober, Huey Dee, Paul Mahern and Dave Bassett. Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Mary Rowell, J.D. Foster, Brian Doherty, Kenny Margolis, Tom Freund, Jon Dee Graham, Daren Hess, Scott Garber, Amy Allison, Sally Norvell, Sanford Stein, Peter Rauh, Jonathan Stork, Marlo Fisher, Janas Hoyt, Michael Ward, Dave Bassett, Jeff Muendel, Manuel Verzosa and Victoria Williams.

Cover Photo: Walter Salas-Humara. Cover Design: Olaf Meyer.


The One With the Bird On the Cover

Recorded in a small town theater in Gainesville, Florida, The One With The Bird On The Cover exists as a beacon of the power of pure sound. No sound processing of any kind was used on this album. The band played live and used the many spaces of the theater building, the stage, the hallways, the lobby and bathrooms for different room sounds, not effects boxes in a studio after the fact. The One With The Bird On The Cover was wildly critically acclaimed and led to an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. Its spacious, organic quality made it seem out of place in 1990; however, looking back at the album from within the alt-country glow of the decade's end, The One With The Bird On The Cover resonates like the work of visionaries.

First Release: March 1990 RCA Records.

Produced by Peter Moore, Walter Salas-Humara and Bob Rupe. Mixed by Peter Moore at Eastern Sound. Mastered by Peter Moore at M.D.I.. Recorded at The Florida Theater, Gainesville by Peter Moore and Peter Yanilos.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Bob Rupe, J.D. Foster, Brian Doherty and Kenny Margolis with Amy Allison, John Francom, Art Jennings, Helen Kirklin, Julian Knight, Dan Rupersburg, Bill Stephensen, Moe Wozniak and Garo Yellin

Cover Design: Ria Lewerke.



Cuba is one of those albums that, in the years since its release, has become a kind of talisman among true music fans. Its mention elicits nods of approval and agreement from like-minded souls, and kicks the next phase of the conversation into enthusiastic high gear. When you meet people of taste who are unfamiliar with it, the prospect of turning them onto it becomes a palpable pleasure. Because you know that Cuba exists inside everyone, and this extraordinary album can take you there. It's a journey filled with longing and loss, warmth and wonder - and whether everything happens for a reason or not, albums like this are a document, a memory map, of why we want to think so.
- Anthony DeCurtis

First Release: July 1987 Record Collect. Re-release: March 1994 Watermelon Records. September 2002 Dualtone Music Group. April 2007 Sonic Pyramid

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara and Bob Rupe. Mixed by Don Sternecker, Bob Rupe and Walter Salas-Humara at Mix-O-Lydian. Recorded by Don Sternecker and Bob Rupe at Mix-O-Lydian and L-7, Dave Pearlman at his house, and Mikhail Liberman at St. Paul's Church. Re-Mastered by Dave McNair.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Bob Rupe, Mary Rowell, John Galway and John Ross with Rick Wagner, Dave Pearlman, Dan Fredman, Marylin Coyn, Michael Levin, Francine Post, Mary Wooton and Jonathan Stork.

Cover Photo: Anonymous


Ask the Dust—Songs 1980-1988

Ask The Dust is not just another CD. It's two great vintage LP's on one CD plus two bonus tracks! Ask The Dust is a compilation of The Silos' 1985 debut LP, About Her Steps, and Walter Salas-Humara's 1988 solo LP, Lagartija, plus two songs recorded in 1980 from Walter's personal vault. In November of 1985 a tiny New York label, Record Collect, released the debut album from a "band" called The Silos. It consisted of an eclectic array of songs performed by fourteen musicians in various configurations under the guidance of singer-songwriter Walter Salas-Humara. Some cried, "Independent," some cried, "Alternative," some just cried. A new dawn had risen.

First Release: About Her Steps - September 1985 Record Collect. Lagartija - September 1988 Record Collect.
Re-release: Ask The Dust - September 1994 Watermelon Records and September 2002 Sonic Pyramid.

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara. Mixed by Walter Salas-Humara and Bob Rupe. Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Recorded at Studio Double You, L-7, Ardent and Bair Tracks.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Bob Rupe, Mary Rowell, Wayne Cloughley, Bob Wlos, Robert Ray, Dave Glennon, Genie Wheelwright, Bill Carey, Lena Carlstrom, Helen Kirklin, Kelly Lafferty, Sandy Guthrie, Russ Hinton, Carey Crane, Carlos and Lilia Salas-Humara, Jim Fealy, Ed Balko and Ignacio Salas-Humara.

Cover Art and Design: Emil Memon.